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2010 Call for Entries


This year we plan to give out two grants to support a film project in any stage of completion from pre-production through distribution. We are open to films of any length and genre, from documentary to experimental to narrative. What we are looking for are projects that in some way embody Sarah’s spirit and represent the values that she articulated in her work — powerful representations of women, a do-it-yourself approach to filmmaking and life, and a passionate commitment to advancing equality without sacrificing fun.

To apply for the grant, please mail the following materials to the The Sarah Jacobson Film Grant postmarked by NOVEMBER 15, 2010. Winners will be announced in December, 2010

1. A synopsis/treatment of the project (no more than 3 pages). Please include a detailed description of the film — its subject, style, structure, and distribution strategy. Please also explain why your project is appropriate for this grant.

2. A simple one-page budget for the project. Also include a paragraph describing other funding you have received for this project and how you would use the money from this grant.

3. A short bio for the filmmaker with reliable contact information.

4.  Six copies of a single work sample: either a trailer or rough-cut of the project you’re applying for the grant with, or an example of previous work. The work sample should be on DVD.

Check the grant web page for updates: http://www.sjfilmgrant.wordpress.com
Contact: sjfilmgrant@gmail.com

Sarah Jacobson Film Grant
c/o Mikki Halpin
583 Driggs Ave
Apt 4F
Brooklyn, NY 11211


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Check out the  filmmakers who have been awarded the Sarah Jacobson Film Grant in the past:

2013 :

Gina Kelly: Super Natura

Talena Sanders: Liahona

2012 Winners:

Mary Guzmán: Replaceable

Heather Lenz: KUSAMA: Princess of Polka Dots

Kate Marks: Miracle Maker: A Tale for Lost Causes and Desperate Cases

Akosua Adoma Owusu: Kwaku Ananse


Abby Moser: Grrrl Love and Revolution: Riot Grrrl NYC

Susan Mogul: Rude Girls

Lana Wilson and Martha Shane : After Tiller

2009: Ellen Lake: Call + Response Natasha Mendonca 2007: Jo Dery: Peeks

Marie LosierThe Genesis of Pandrogeny

Kara Herold: Bachelorette, 34 Vanessa Renwick: Portrait #2: Trojan Gretchen Hogue: See Photo 2004 Veronica Majano for her experimental documentary film Remember Los Siete

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