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Hello everyone and thank you for your patience. With our globe-trotting judges and some other issues, it took us (and by us, I mean me) a bit to get everything nailed down. A longer post will follow, but I just got off the phone from informing all the recipients. We’ll be awarding two $2,000 grants and two $1,000 grants.

$2,000 grant recipients:

Akosua Adoma Owusu

for her project Kwaku Ananse; this is Me Broni Ba (My White Baby), the piece she included in her application:

Heather Lenz

for her documentary Princess of Polka Dots, about artist Yayoi Kusama. Here’s the trailer:

 $1,000 grant recipients:

Mary Guzman

for her project Replaceable. Here is the work sample she sent in, Do the Math

Kate Marks

for her project, Miracle Maker, trailer below:

I’d like to once again thank our judges for the 2011 grant cycle: Andi Zeisler, Lee Jacobson, Natasha Mendonca (a previous recipient!), Marie Losier (also a previous recipient!), and Lori Barbero.

Thank you to everyone who entered this year! We’ll be in touch soon about the 2012 grant cycle.

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Hang tight everyone, we are having trouble reaching some of the filmmakers, and it would be weird to publish before we speak with each of them, but we hope to announce very soon!

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