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Hi all, thanks for your patience—this is mostly a one-woman show so sometimes things don’t move at the pace we’d all like them to. However! See below, please distribute far and wide, and we can’t wait to see your entries! I will be announcing this year’s judges next week. —Mikki

Sarah Jacobson Film Grant

2011 Call for Entries and

Film Festival Announcement!


This year we plan to give out three grants to support projects in any stage of completion from pre-production through distribution. The amounts will be between $1000 and $2000.

We are also planning a film/video/media festival for early 2012, in conjunction with the rad feminist group Permanent Wave. All work samples submitted will be considered for the festival as well.

(We won’t screen without your permission though!)


We are open to films of any length and genre, from documentary to experimental to narrative. What we are looking for are projects that in some way embody Sarah’s spirit and represent the values that she articulated in her work — powerful representations of women, a do-it-yourself approach to filmmaking and life, and a passionate commitment to advancing equality without sacrificing fun. I want to note that last year we awarded grants to three documentaries that were all pretty big in scope—definitely don’t take that as a bellwether, look back at all the past winners and you will see very experimental pieces, shorts, etc.

We award grants to projects at any stage of production, including post, but not for marketing or publicity. After the jump is the list of what you need to enter. And I like to post Tamra’s video every year for inspiration.



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a horixontal rectangle with text and images. On the left is a young female-presenting white person with a camera. It says "Athena Film Festival." On the right the text is on a blue background and it says "February 9–12, 2012"Melissa Silverstein, a rad and modern lady, runs the site Women and Hollywood. (Note it’s women AND, not women IN. I feel that is important.) Last year she was the first year of her Athena Film Fest, which was brilliantly run had this really generous curatorial position that brought in so many different films and women-identified makers for a really rich program. For 2012 she’s having a trailer contest. Go for it!


The Athena Film Festival, a celebration of women and leadership, held from February 9-12, 2012 at Barnard College in New York today announces a competition for the creation of a film festival trailer.  The 30 second to one-minute trailer will be used to promote the festival on-line and in other media and will run prior to the screening of festival films.

Contest Requirements

Who Can Enter?  Any person can participate in the contest.  Entries from individuals or teams of individuals will be accepted.  Only one entry per person or team is permitted.  No individual can participate on more than one team.

Concept:  The trailer must promote the Festival which highlights the wide diversity of women’s leadership in both real life and the fictional world. Through feature films, documentaries, and shorts directed by both women and men, the Festival explores women’s leadership across race, class, and culture and serves as a forum for robust dialogue about women and leadership:  what it takes to excel, collaborate, and lead.  Learn more about the Festival at www.athenafilmfestival.com

Trailer elements: The trailer should introduce the name of the Festival (Athena Film Festival), its tagline:  (a celebration of women and leadership) and the founding organizations (Athena Center for Leadership Studies at Barnard College and Women and Hollywood.

Length: The length of the trailer can range between 30 seconds and 1 minute.

Deadline:  All entries must be submitted on or before 5 pm., Thursday, December 1, 2011. No extensions will be granted.  Winners will be announced in January 2012 or sooner if practicable.

Delivery:  All submissions must be in a digital format.  No DVDs will be accepted.  The link with the submission should be sent by email to the following addresses: athenacenter@barnard.edu and athenafilmfestival@gmail.com.  Videos in you tube and vimeo are preferred.  Make sure to include a password (where appropriate) and make the file available through January 1, 2012.  Please include your name, email and phone number and country of origin in your email.

Rating: The trailer must be appropriate for all audiences and may not contain sex, violence, or offensive language.

Originality: The trailer you submit must reflect your own work and may not make use of any copyrighted material in any form.

Awards:  In addition to having your trailer played during the Athena Film Festival, the winning filmmaker(s) will receive $500, an All-Access Pass to the festival, and 2 tickets to the Awards reception on February 9, 2012 as well as attribution in the Festival Program.

Criteria for Judging the Submissions:  The team at the Athena Film Festival will review submissions and, if appropriate, select a winner. The trailers will be judged based on their originality, technical proficiency and their ability to capture the look, feel, goals and mission of the Festival. The Athena Film Festival team will, in their sole discretion, establish procedures and standards for judging the contest.  The Athena Film Festival reserves the right to accept or reject any or all of the contest entries.

Rights Granted to the Athena Film Festival:  By entering the Athena Film Festival Trailer Contest, contestants agree to grant to Barnard College and its successors full and complete ownership of  the trailer  for use in perpetuity in any and all formats.  Contestants fully understand that the trailer may be used prior to and at the 2012 Festival and in succeeding years  and in any current or subsequent promotions in print, online and in other formats.  Contestants retain the right to seek permission from Barnard College to use the ideas and images in their trailers to create derivative works in any and all other media. Permission shall not be unreasonably withheld.

Questions? Feel free to contact us at: athenacenter@barnard.edu or athenafilmfestival@gmail.com.

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