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A billboard on a hill, probably in California. It shows a king-kong-like character holding an Oscar statuette in its hand and the type reads "Women directed only 7% of the films in 2005, and no woman has ever won the directong Oscar"


I’m in the middle of getting the call to entries ready, and was thinking about other types of actions and interventions there have been in the film world. This Guerilla Girls billboard in 2006 was pretty major–OK, it’s essentialist, and I’m guessing their 7% was studio films only, and YES I KNOW that a woman has won the directing Oscar since then, although, let’s talk, she is a woman who makes movies about masculinity–but I wonder if it did much. I feel like if I was a filmmaker and saw it I would be like, well, I’m screwed. I probably would have written a pointed letter to the editor! Because that’s what I do! Sarah would have been soooo into it though. We’ve posted her S.T.I.G.M.A. manifesto here before–it’s worth reading, especially if you are applying this year.


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Hey everyone, as per our usual pattern, a dormant period will now yield a productive creative spree! Stay tuned for:

Our next Call for Entries. Read last year’s for a sense of what you’ll need

Information about the Feminist Film Fest we’re planning in conjunction with the ladies of Permanent Wave.

Here’s a video our pal Kathleen made about Sarah:

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