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Three updates!

Abby Moser
, one of this year’s grant recipients, will be screening her piece at MoMA in NYC this Wednesday, along with pieces by Beth B. and Sadie Benning:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011, 7:00 p.m
Grrrl Love and Revolution: Riot Grrrl NYC 2010. USA. Abby Moser. 60 min.
Belladonna 1989. USA. Beth B, Ida Applebroog. 25 min.
Jollies 1990. USA. Sadie Benning. 11 min.



Hannah Neurotica, who does the zine Ax Wound: Gender in the Horror Genre, wrote an appreciation of Sarah and the STIGMA Manifesto for Rue Morgue’s Women in Horror month.


This powerhouse feminist, DIY, badass female filmmaker could have easily been responsible for something akin to Women in Horror Month if she hadn’t died so young. Not only did she start her own production company with her mother, Ruth Jacobson, but she worked as an art activist, a journalist, a ‘zine writer and most importantly, the author of The S.T.I.G.M.A. Manifesto. I found this manifesto online just a week ago and read it wide-eyed (I don’t say that as an expression, my eyes were seriously bugging out!). Here was a document written well over a decade ago holding almost the same ideals behind the Women in Horror Month manifesto, calling out the “stigma” of women working in the film industry…. Jacobson is part of our horror and underground film lineage, but just like most women she has gone relatively unnoticed. We cannot allow her to be written out of history, and with that I am here now to recognize the amazing passion she had while carving out space for women in filmmaking.

Marie Losier, who was a recipient of the grant in 2007, just won a Teddy Award for  her project”The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye.” We’re very proud to have supported it.

The jury gives the best documentary award to the Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye by Marie Losier. This film draws us into a whole new magical world of diversity where anything is possible; genders change, identities shift and two people can become one through pandrogyny. The jury feels that nobody could tell the story of this once in a lifetime love affair like Ms Losier, a filmmaker with the unique imagination to match her film’s subjects and the compassion to tell an extraordinary tale of queer pioneers into a simple and universal tale of love.

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And the winners are…

I’m extremely excited to announce that this year’s recipients of the Sarah Jacobson Film Grant are:

Susan Mogul, for her project Rude Girls, a documentary about the Southern California feminist art movement in the 1970s.

Abby Moser, for her project Grrrl Love and Revolution: Riot Grrrl NYC, a documentary about the feminist music movement in New York in the 1990s.

Lana Wilson and Martha Shane, for their project Trust Women: The Story of Two American Abortion Doctors, about Dr. Leroy Carhart and Dr. Warren Hern, two of the very few late-term abortion providers left in this country.

There is more about the winners after the jump. I can’t overstate the strength of the submissions–it was incredibly hard just to narrow down the field to a smaller group of finalists, and harder still to pick amongst them. I want to thank the judges: Allison Anders, Michelle Handelman, Kathleen Hanna, Lee Jacobson, and Catherine Tyc for taking on this task.

There were a lot of documentary entries, and obviously three documentaries won, but I want to stress that the grant is open to all types of projects–experimental, narrative, non-fiction, and anything you can dream up. Sarah would flip her lid if she knew all of these amazing people were making work no matter how big the challenges.

I’ve been talking to some of you about doing a small traveling film festival for DIY and indie spaces–basically a program of shorts and trailers. More on that in a few weeks.

I have a few more people to thank: Sam Green, the founder of the grant, for his advice and for being the fiscal sponsor, and Ruth and Lee Jacobson, for everything. And the DONORS! Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Indiegogo campaign. You are helping to make dreams come true.

Again, congratulations to the winners and thanks again to everyone for entering!


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