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The entries this year are so amazing–thank you to everyone who submitted. I was blown away by the quality and range of subject matter and style. It was really moving to read that so many of you had met Sarah or remembered her visiting your school, or read her writing in Punk Planet–it’s certainly not necessary for being considered for the grant, but I share all of those messages with Sarah’s mother and sister, and they mean a lot. Plus it just goes to show how much impact each one of us can have by being true to ourselves and cheering everyone else on.

If you submitted an entry, then you should have gotten an email from me confirming that we received it. If you didn’t then either I typed in your address wrong, or you are one of the people who sent in your entry with no contact info! I tried googling some of you but couldn’t find everyone, so please get in touch if you didn’t hear from me.

We’ll announce the winners early next year!


PS I was so excited by the entries that I am thinking maybe we need to do a film festival? Like a totally DIY one that goes to a few cities? If you would be into doing it in your town this spring, email me sjfilmgrant@gmail.com

PPS I have been so busy dealing with the entries I have not sent out proper thank you notes or prizes to all of the people who donated, and that is next week’s project.


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Thank you everyone who has applied for the grant this year!

If you applied and your application was received in time for the deadline, you will get an email in the next few weeks confirming receipt of your application. If your application didn’t follow the guidelines (6 dvds, of a single work sample, etc.) then it will not be considered. We regret that we cannot return any application materials.

We will announce the winners in January. Big thanks to the filmmakers who sent in their work (including one hand-delivered from London!) and to the judges, Allison Anders, Kathleen Hanna, Lee Jacobson, Michelle Handelman, and Catherine Tyc.

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